The Mastabas of Qar and Idu G 7101 and 7102 - Digitally Revised and Enhanced Edition

Part II - Idu G 7102

Section 2.2 - Facade - Updating the Original Drawings

Section 2.2 - Facade - Updating the Original Drawings

Publications February 14. 2019

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Section 2.1 - Facade - Preparing the Photo Background

Written by Owen Murray

The background for the digitally updated drawing sample was created photogrammetrically using three different datasets: a series of photos taken for a virtual tour of the Qar & Idu Mastabas by Luke Hollis; a more recent set taken to provide the level of detail required for drawing the facade at a scale of 1-4@300ppi by Marleen De Meyer; as well as a set of five 6.5”x8.5” archival glass plate negatives taken by Mohammedani Ibrahim between 1925-1940.


Section 2.3 - Facade - Remarks on the Transliteration and Translation of the Text

Written by Ariel Singer

Simpson’s original publication of the texts found in the tombs of Qar and Idu was quite good, so when we began discussing how and what to update for the digital version, there was a consensus that the changes needed to be made more cosmetic than structural. We also immediately realized that a complete update of all the inscriptions would not be feasible within our time frame, so we opted to do a test case using the architrave of Idu. At the same time, the rest remains in Simpson’s original format for now.