The Mastabas of Qar and Idu G 7101 and 7102 - Digitally Revised and Enhanced Edition

Part II - Idu G 7102

Section 4 - Associated Shafts and Burials
Feb 4, 2019

The mastaba of Idu (G 7102). Associated shafts and burials. Based on fig. 1. Plan of area north of G7110-7120; Qar (G7101) and Idu (G7102) (Click to enlarge)

Seven shafts are provided with 7102 designations. Of these A-E lie between 7101 and 7102 but within the presumed area of 7102. 7102 C is the main burial with the sarcophagus of Idu. 7102 A and B are later but probably of the same family, although they lie beneath the presumed line of the west wall of the superstructure mastaba. 7102 D and E are subsidiary to 7102 C, and hence part of the complex. 7102 F is outlying to the northwest and clearly intrusive. 7102 G in the north wall of the middle level court is assumed to belong to a member of the family.

Figure 14. Idu (G7102). Sections and plans of G7102 A, B, D, E, F, G (Click to enlarge)

7102 A (click to locate).

The shaft measures 1.13 x 1.20 m., —3.25 m. in rock, lined above with crude brick an additional 2.75 m. With two chambers. No. 1 at — 1.47 in rock, type 6 a (2), on east: 1.95 m. x 95 m. x .70 m. high; area 1.85 sq. m., capacity 1.29 cu. m. Found open and empty. No. 2, at bottom of shaft, on east, type 6 a (2): 2.25 m. x 1.76 m. x 1 m. high; area 3.96 sq. m., capacity 3.96 cu. m. Found open and plundered. Brick lining 38 x 11 cm. No objects in shafts except for fragment of relief listed below, and fragments of jar of indeterminate shape.

7102 B (click to locate).

North of 7102 A and west of 7102 D-E. The shaft measures 1 x 1 m., —1.95 m. in rock, with an additional crude brick lining above for 2.60 m. Chamber of type 6 a (2), on east, extending to south, measuring 2.35 m. x .75 m. x 1.1 m. high, area 1.15 sq. m., capacity 1.26 cu. m. Burial: remains of decayed wooden coffin, skeleton scattered; body on west side of chamber.

7102 C (click to locate).

Burial of Idu. The larger shaft is 8.05 m. deep, —5.71 m. in rock and lined above 2.34 m. in rubble, and measures an average of 1.72 m. square. The chamber, type 6 b (1), opens to the south and is extended to the west. It measures 3.31 m. (E) —3.73 m. (W) x 2.88 m. x 2.16 m. high, area 10.13 sq. m., capacity 21.98 cu. m. The chamber contained a rough-dressed limestone sarcophagus with a broken lid. To the west of the sarcophagus in the extension were two skeletons of intrusive burials. They are oriented north-south with heads to the north, both flat on their backs, resting on debris reaching almost to the top of the sarcophagus. On the inside of the east side of the sarcophagus is a line of text reading from left to right (fig. 12b): ḥtp di nswt ḥtp di Inpw ḫnty sḥ-nṯr ḳrs n sš ꜥw nswt ḫft-ḥr imy-r sšw mrt Idw, “an offering which the king gives and an offering which Anubis, foremost of the divine booth gives: a burial (sarcophagus) for the king’s document scribe in the presence, overseer of the meret-serfs, Idu.” 

Figure 12 b. Idu (G 7102). Text on inside of sarcophagus of Idu (G 7102C) (Click to enlarge)

The outer dimensions of the sarcophagus are 3.20 m. long by 1.44 m. wide by 1.08 m. high, and on the interior 2.20 m. long by .67 m. wide by .70 m. deep. Among the contents of the shaft listed are model chisels, a flint blade, and RBW dishes and bowl fragments.

7102 D (click to locate).

North of 7102 C, the designation covers two shafts bonded together with a roofed chamber in the northern shaft and a small underlying older grave between C and D. Measurements: 1.15 m. x 1.20 m.; lined above with crude brick for an additional 1.02 m. Chamber of type 8 a (1) in similar shaft to north. Measurements: 1.20 m. x 1.15 m. x .70 m. high, area 1.38 sq. m., capacity only .96 cu. m. Roof broken, found empty and plundered. Second chamber of underlying older grave, in rock, between shafts C and D. A small pit grave: .50 m. x .70 m. x .16 m. deep, with remains of crude brick shaft. Remains of small wooden box.

7102 E (click to locate).

North of 7102 D and bonded with it. Measurements: 1.45 m. x 1.50 m.; —2.30 m. on east and 3.35 m. to bottom of burial pit. Lined above with crude brick for 1.50 m., resting on rubble lining 2.25 m., total lining 3.75 m. Chamber of type 6 a (2) on the west, measurements: 2.84 m. x 1.25 m. x 1.12 m. high, area 3.55 sq. m., capacity 3.97 cu. m. The floor slopes irregularly from the east side of shaft to the edge of the burial pit, the edge battered. Burial pit along west side of chamber: 2.35 m. x .75 m. x .30 m. high. No trace of blocking or remains of skeleton. Various objects listed, including parts of inscribed jamb assigned to G 7102, and top of headrest in burial chamber.

7101 F (click to locate).

Outlying to northwest of shaft E and north of northeast corner of G 7101. Measurements: 1.15 m. x 1.12 m. x —1.75 m. on east and 2.35 m. on west, lined above with crude brick for .45 m., resting on rubble lining for 2.10 m. Chamber of type 6 a (2) on west. Measurements: 1.85 m. x .90 m. (irregular) x 1.25 m. high, area 1.66 sq. m., capacity 2.07 cu. m. Found open and plundered.

7102 G (click to locate).

In thickness of northern crude brick wall of middle level court of G 7102. Measurements: 1.05 x 1.00 m. x —4.65 m. in rock, lined above with crude brick for 1.43 m. Chamber of type 5 a (1), irregular, on west: 1.70 m. x 1.30 m. x 1 m. high, area 2.21 sq. m., capacity 2.21 cu. m. Passage: 1.70 (north-south) x .40 m. (east-west). Found open and plundered. Chamber had a small copper mirror with handle tang (see list below).

Photos from the Archive

Cemetery G 7000. pits associated with G 7102 (pits G 7102 E, D, C , B, and A, middle ground), looking SW over top of G 7101 court

Pits associated with G 7102 (pits G 7102 A, B, C, D, E, and G, middle ground left and center), and stairs to middle level court of G 7102 (middle ground center), looking NE from above SE corner of G 7101 court

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