The Mastabas of Qar and Idu G 7101 and 7102 - Digitally Revised and Enhanced Edition

Part I - Qar G 7101

Section 6 - Room (F)

Section 6 - Room (F)

Publications February 20. 2019

Room F in relation with area north of G7110-7120; Qar(G7101) and Idu (G7102) (click to enlarge)

Room F

This chamber is cut in the rock and was never decorated or inscribed. An Arabic graffito was noted at the time of discovery on the west wall. Running east and slightly north from the east side of Room D, its length (including jambs) is 3.60 m. by about 1.10 m. wide. At its east end is an extension to the south 1.90 m. in length and 1.35 m. wide. On the west side of the extension, cut in the rock, is an offering slab of ḥtp form and the framework of a false-door. Nothing has been finished.

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Section 5 - Room (E)

Written by William Kelly Simpson

The entire east wall is in poor condition. The reliefs and inscriptions are partly cut in the natural rock and were originally completed in plaster which has now, in part, fallen off. The decoration extends over the entrance doorway from Room D.


Section 7 - Associated Shafts and Burials

Written by William Kelly Simpson

There are four shafts with burial chambers within the area of the reconstructed mastaba. The chief shaft with the burial of Qar descends just south of the serdab and north of the western interior chapel chamber. The second shaft lies just west of the offering slab in the alcove of the eastern interior subterranean chapel chamber, and would seem to be associated with this chapel, perhaps as the burial of Qar’s wife.