The Mastabas of Qar and Idu G 7101 and 7102 - Digitally Revised and Enhanced Edition


Qar's mastaba tomb (G 7101) is located in the Eastern Cemetery at Giza. It lies to the east of the pyramid belonging to Queen Hetepheres and next to her tomb-shaft, sitting side by side with the mastaba of Idu (G 7102).

Part I - Qar G 7101

Qar was an official during Egypt's 5th Dynasty, probably during the reign of Pepi II. He was the "Overseer of the Pyramid Towns of Khufu and Menkaure", the "Inspector of wab-priests of the Pyramid of Khafre" and "Tenant of the Pyramid of Pepi I.

Part II - Idu G 7102

The Mastaba of Idu is located in the Eastern Cemetery at Giza near Cairo, Egypt. He was the Scribe of the Royal Documents in the presence of the king and lived during Egypt's 6th Dynasty.