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Twenty years ago, when I started working in Egypt as an epigrapher, I wasn’t given too many guidelines regarding how to do the best job when documenting a painted tomb. Our Hungarian project leader wanted to have the most detailed, most faithful, most informative, and most complete documentation that was accessible to everyone,

Foreword to digitalEPIGRAPHY


This is just the latest of several forewords I have written for Krisztián Vértes and the Epigraphic Survey’s collaborative digital drawing manual Digital Epigraphy, but this one marks a gigantic technological leap forward.

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The Temple of Tuthmosis III at Deir el-Bahari

The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology’s present project began in 2008, with the aim of completing the study, restoration and publication of the Deir el-Bahari temple of Tuthmosis III. The work is the continuation of a previous mission led by prof. Jadwiga Lipińska, which was suspended in 1996.


FRTMA Soft Magnetic Silicone Holder Grip for Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a fantastic accessory for the iPad Pro, but it’s slippery and always rolls all over the place. This unexpensive Apple Pencil sleeve is here to save the day. The FRTMA sleeve is a silicone holder and grip for Apple Pencil having strong magnets embedded into its side.


Logitech Craft wireless keyboard

The Logitech Craft has a clean look and includes a “creative input dial” right above its escape key, it’s designed to augment software like Photoshop, Illustrator and Office. While many keyboards in the past have had volume control wheels, the Craft’s dial is a customizable and intuitive input mechanism for various applications and uses.