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We can't believe that it's been two months already since digitalEPIGRAPHY went live! Thanks to you, and another 3853 of our devoted readers, we are starting to form a community who'd like to learn about and contribute to digital documentation in Egypt.

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Late antique Hagr Edfu - Area 2b, Tomb D

In 2007, a British Museum expedition began investigating the late antique activity at Hagr Edfu, with a focus on surveying, conserving, and documenting the rock-cut tombs of Areas 1 and 2, including Tomb D of Area 2b. Project description


The Tomb of Senwosret at Elkab

A British Museum expedition under the direction of W. V. Davies has been working on cleaning and recording the pharaonic tombs of Elkab since 2009. The tomb discussed here was built for Senwosret, a governor of Elkab probably during the early 12th Dynasty.


First generation Apple Pencil (2015)

Although at the moment all the attention is directed towards Apple’s new iPads and its brand new, 2nd generation Apple Pencil, there are still multiple reasons to include the original version with our recommended tools.


The Tomb of Sataimau at Hagr Edfu

A British Museum expedition has been working at the necropolis of Hagr Edfu under the direction of W. V. Davies since 2001. In recent years, the expedition has documented a group of three tombs at the foot of the main hill of the site...