Get on Your Feet and Keep Drawing with the OGAWA Leband Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Jan 20, 2021

Written by Krisztián Vértes

The Leband Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter installed on a tilting table with Wacom’s Cintiq Pro 24 placed on top

It might seem unrelated to digital documentation, but digitalEPIGRAPHY would like to draw your attention to a device that has an impact not on your epigraphic product but on the way it is created. There are many health problems related to sitting for too long, such as cardiovascular diseases, increased risk of diabetes, and weight gain. But sitting while hunched over one’s drawing gives the maximum control over the line drawing. Furthermore, creating drawings that live up to the Epigraphic Survey’s high standards require focus and precision from the artist that is only achievable by having firm support to the arm, typically provided by some sort of flat desk surface around the tablet. Therefore, just like traditional inking, digital studio work is almost exclusively done behind a desk, practiced for at least 5-6 hours every day.

We’ve tried several ways to avoid back and neck pain caused by long drawing sessions, from taking breaks to exercising, and even working standing up. Our favorite drawing display maker,  Wacom, provides a solution to this dilemma, giving you the option to do some “leg work” with their sturdy albeit pricy Ergo Stand. However, there is a big problem with their solution: it is way too large and cumbersome to adjust, invasively taking over any available desk space you might (or might not) have around. 

The Wacom Ergo Stand is an absolute monster to have on your desk. It is overpriced (500 USD), and it weighs 43 lbs. / 19.5 kg

Standing desks might offer a more reliable solution for quickly changing back and forth between seated and standing positions. However, most of us already have a desk dedicated to facilitating a drawing tablet. Ideally, you should look for a solution extending to what you already own rather than a full-on replacement of your precious workstation. This is when a desk extension comes into the picture: it is practically sitting on your desk, providing adjustable height, so you can raise it to your desired drawing level while standing. One of the projects from OGAWA Leband is the Leband Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter, and it is so far the best answer to get you healthy while drawing on your feet. 

The Leband Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter

(1) The Leband Standing Desk looks rather unsuspicious when sitting completely folded underneath the drawing tablet. The surface offers enough space for a large tablet, a keyboard, and a few accessories.

(2) When closed, the Desk raises the drawing position by about 8.5 cm. With the added thickness of your tablet, this might cause a problem when used in a seated position.

(3) The Leband Desk Converter has two USB ports and a wireless charging option to be tapped when used in tandem with other drawing devices, such as iPads (Photo by Leband).

(4) A pair of buttons controls vertical movement. Once you find the perfect height setting for your workflow, the Leband will memorize it for the next time you come back (Photo by Leband).

(5) With 33 lbs. / 15 kg weight capacity the Leband is sturdy enough to hold a monitor or large drawing tablet while even letting you lean on it during intense drawing sessions (Photo by Leband).

According to Leband’s Indiegogo Campaign page, their desk extension solution features a quiet but powerful motorized aluminum X-type slide track that can adjust to any height up to 18.6” (47.3 cm). With electric lifting on board, height adjustment is only a matter of pressing a button. Well, actually two, as there are separate directional buttons on opposite sides of the desk controlling upward and downward movement. Pressed once raises or lowers a desk with a small increment. Press and hold, and it starts raising or lowering until hitting the barrier. And once you find the sweet spot for your workflow, the Leband will memorize your height settings for the next time you come back, which is ingenious for us who often alter positions between sitting and standing.

The first iteration of the Leband Desk Converter had an already impressive height range, but the latest version pushes the limits even further

One of the best features of the Leband Desk Converter is the massive workspace it offers. As you can see on our images, it can easily facilitate our large Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 (which is 15.87 lbs. / 7.2 kg and measures 26.65 x 15.5 x 1.9 in / 67.7 x 39.4 x 4.7 cm). There is also room for an armrest, the Delux T11 Designer Keypad, a Bluetooth keyboard, a phone (charged through a dedicated wireless charging spot), or a Wacom pen holder. It is ingenious! Another possible setup that pops immediately to mind is to have a drawing tablet with a propped-up iPad in tow (connected to one of the onboard USB chargers) functioning as a screen extension displaying additional information. Leband even thought about cable organization, so as not to have the burden of tangling cables while switching between positions. There is no need to sift through a thousand USB cables with the integrated cable management system to find the right one. Everything is tidy, organized, and right where it should be.

Adjusting the height of the Desk Converter is as easy as pressing a button. With buttons on both sides of the platform, moving your workstation up and down is a breeze

Based on our first impressions, the Leband’s surface is sturdy enough to take a fair amount of bashing. According to the creators, it features a textured scratch-resistant surface that is easy to clean and withholds scrapes or stains that might occur during your daily chores. Further cosmetic additions include beautifully rounded corners and silicone table foot pads to protect your desk from scratches, especially if you move it around several locations. (The unit itself weighs only 25.2 lbs. / 11.43 kg, so relocation shouldn’t cause too much pain.)

The OGAWA Leband Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter at its lowermost setting provides an excellent drawing angle while sitting at your desk

The OGAWA Leband Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter raised halfway up gives enough height for an average person to draw standing and lean over the canvas if necessary

According to their Indiegogo page, Leband is a leading brand under Xiaomi’s ecosystem, which belongs to the OGAWA Group, Asia's largest massage equipment company and the world’s most extensive massage appliance production base. The creators are specialized in ergonomic products, being the first listed company in the industry in China. OGAWA group owns eight brands globally, including Leband, MEDISANA, FUJI, FUJIMEDIC, and COZZIA. 

Now that the Leband Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter has finished its successful Indiegogo campaign, OGAWA is prepared to ship their product to regular customers all over the world. Watch this space for updates as we’ll include all the necessary purchase information for your convenience as soon as their website has the relevant updates.

UPDATE: Leband just launched their official retail store at Amazon! Click here to purchase the Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter through the US retailer company.

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