Adobe’s first Black Friday deal comes early with cutting its CC Photography Plan by up to 25%

Adobe’s first Black Friday deal comes early with cutting its CC Photography Plan by up to 25%

News November 09. 2018

Photo by Adobe

Adobe’s most popular plan, which includes Photoshop CC, digitalEPIGRAPHY’s choice of software for digital inking, will be sold in some areas (excluding Europe, the Middle East and Africa) for $14.99/month (now $19.99/month) next week. For the price digital artists will get a plethora of software, such as Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Spark and an additional 1TB of Cloud photo storage. For Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Adobe’s discount is only 20%, that makes the same package $15.99/month.

However, if you need to have Photoshop CC for your work and you are willing to make do with less Adobe Cloud storage space, you can still subscribe for the cheaper Adobe Photography plan that costs only $9.99, although it includes only a mere 20GB of online storage.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan includes:

  • Lightroom CC for desktop, web and mobile
  • Lightroom Classic CC for desktop workflows
  • Photoshop CC for digital inking and photo modification
  • Adobe Spark Premium to create graphics, web pages and videos
  • Adobe Portfolio to easily build showcase websites
  • 1TB of cloud storage for anything that is produced with the above software

You can read more about Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography Plan and compare each plans over on Adobe's website. 

This deal expires on the 16thof November, 2018.



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Written by Krisztián Vértes

Twenty years ago, when I started working in Egypt as an epigrapher, I wasn’t given too many guidelines regarding how to do the best job when documenting a painted tomb. Our Hungarian project leader wanted to have the most detailed, most faithful, most informative, and most complete documentation that was accessible to everyone,

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