Elevation Lab DraftTable For iPad Pro

Tools September 21. 2018

Photo by Elevation Lab

Existing iPad stands are designed for smaller iPads, mainly for consumption. With iPad Pro, they are flimsy, lack adjustment, and annoying to use. Elevation Lab's solution offers something like a traditional drafters table - sturdy, solid and comfortable stand to use all-day.

Elevation Lab designed Draft Table the first "real" stand for drawing on iPad Pro. It’s rock-solid - doesn’t move, shake or tip when one draws on it. Has wide angle adjustment. Supports your arm. Works great on any sizes of iPad and additionally on the smaller (13 Inch and 16 Inch) Wacom Cintiq Pros. And keeps your pencil handy. And it folds flat for storage and travel.

Photo by Elevation Lab

The top is made from thick laser cut steel with a matte black finish. The legs are glass fiber reinforced for strength. The textured silicone top gives it grip. Its hinge is designed with hidden, internal springs to make angle changes easy and intuitive. It has very wide angle adjustment, it is sturdy in all positions, and the longest leg has an additional support that pleasantly clicks into place. It’s great on its own and its great paired with a Mac. DraftTable not only makes sketching all day really comfortable but makes it a part of any digital artist's workflow paired to his/her computer with apps like Astropad & Duet Display.

Photo by Elevation Lab

Price: $69,95/Euro69.95

You can find a review of the DraftTable here and some of the most popular buying options directly from Elevion Lab here or through Amazon here and here.



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