Hej Stylus! is the first global pen stabilizer application for mac

Oct 8, 2018

Photo by Hej Stylus!

Hej Stylus! V3 is the first global pen stabilizer application for mac. It’s capable of smoothing out position, pressure, tilt and rotational values. It also maps pressure and stabilizes line drawing with the ruler tool.

Hej Stylus! is a control system for your graphic tablets pen, mouse or other input method. Gain control over the smoothness of your lines – damp out little irregularities up to using Hej Stylus! like a ruler. It's pressure control system lets you define pressure control curves, has pressure smoothing and buffering. Also the tilt and rotational information that is delivered by the graphics tablet can be processed. You can store, recall and exchange your personal presets with others . This gives you a wide range of possibilities to configure your pen, mouse or other input method to create the smoothest line art with any software that is running on a mac.  

Photo by Hej Stylus!


  • Shortcuts for Activation, Hiding, Preferences, Presets Cycling, Ruler Tool
  • Ruler Tool
  • Three Stroke smoothing methods: Position Pull, Fluid Position and Physics
  • Pressure buffer and smoothing
  • Pressure mapping – linear, bezier and draw, undockable
  • Tilt smoothing
  • Rotation smoothing
  • Exchangeable/shareable presets (.hs3 file)
  • Presets managing, undockable
  • Configureable indicator (color/alpha)
  • New on-screen UI – with Auto-Collapse feature
  • Always free basic smoothing
  • 2 Weeks Trial Period

Price: $29.95

You can find a short introductory video of Hej Stylus's basic features below:

You can by Hej Stylus! V3 directly from its creator, freelance illustrator, Eilert Janssen, through his website.


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