FRTMA Apple Pencil (Second Generation) Silicone Case Sleeve and Silicon Case Anti-Slip Holder Grip with Nib Cover Accessories Kit

Feb 26, 2019

The updated second-generation Apple Pencil addressed most of the shortcomings posed by the original design. Now the Pencil has a matte finish for better grip and a flat side that, while providing the necessary charging surface, stops it from rolling off the table. By the way Apple’s stylus now magnetically clips to and charges through the side of the iPad Pro, and its side has a double-tap function to switch between certain functions in apps. Naturally, one problem persists: the Pencil must be protected in case it's accidentally dropped to the ground, especially when your drawing spot is high up on a scaffolding. FRTMA, a Chinese company providing quality accessories for Apple products, came to the rescue in the past when we needed an extra grip and some protection for the original Apple Pencil. Now they are back with not one but 2 different silicon sleeves to safeguard your brand-new stylus.

The Silicone Case Sleeve arrives in a simple carboard box

The Silicon Case Sleeve is a streamlined, ergonomically pleasing rubber cover that makes a tight fit with the Pencil when applied. It has a small cut-out for the logo and comes in 6 different colors (Black, Red, Blue, White, Transparent White and Transparent Grey). It is easy to apply and remove yet provides a solid grip when drawing, while protecting your stylus from scratches, water and dirt. There are 2 protective nib covers to be found in the box to shield your Apple Pencil tip when not in use. Again, although it is close-fitting (creating a flush protective surface around the entire Pencil when on) it remains easy to take off and put back on. Our only reservation with this design is that there is nowhere to put this cap when not needed; it would have been nice if FRTMA came up with a storing solution. However, providing an extra cap in case one is lost is probably the next best thing to address this issue.

The sleeve provides a tight fit but is easy to apply and remove when needed

FRTMA’s second option, the Silicon Case Anti-Slip Holder Grip is largely identical to the Sleeve, however, its surface is more textured to provide a better grip for you when drawing or sketching in the field. Its protective cap is slightly thicker as well and it being rounded adds an extra layer of safety for your Pencil’s precious tip when bouncing around in your bag. 

Apple Pencil charging while fully protected by the FRTMA Silicon Case Sleeve 

The FRTMA Apple Pencil (Second Generation) Silicone Case Sleeve is available from and and costs $6.99/EUR6.99 respectively. The FRTMA Apple Pencil (Second Generation) Silicon Case Anti-Slip Holder Grip is also available from and and costs $6.99/EUR7.99 respectively. Both cases come with FRTMA’s Nib Cover Accessories Kit including 2 nib protectors. 

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