Grand Aspirations in a Slim Package – Huion Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) Pen Display Review

Written by Krisztián Vértes

When transferring the Epigraphic Survey’s documentation procedure from traditional ink drawings to digitally “inked” pixel art, one aspect seemed to be of high priority from the get-go: owning the largest possible screen for studio work. Each epigraphic assignment has preferences regarding the applied method and the workflow utilized to get the desired results.


Wacom Express Key Remote

Written by Krisztián Vértes

An accessory that should be considered for anybody using Wacom’s solutions, whether in the field or in the studio. This little wireless device provides a set of seventeen customizable buttons and a touch ring to allow the artist achieving instant one-touch access to timesaving shortcuts.


Chapter 4, Section 2 - Portable Wacom Tablets

Written by Krisztián Vértes

The first potential solution to fulfill the need for a high powered, high resolution portable graphic tablet was provided by Wacom Co., Ltd. in 2013, shortly after the first edition of this book was released. In the past three years,

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