The Tomb of Mehu – A virtual 3D tour through the tomb, supplemented by models of its Entry Corridor and Offering Chapels

3D Models July 14. 2020

Created by NAV3D and David Anderson

The 6th Dynasty tomb of Mehu at Saqqara was discovered in 1940 but was only opened to the public in 2018. The mastaba tomb is located close to the pyramid of Unas and features four rooms exquisitely decorated with painted reliefs. The first room depicts scenes of hunting and fishing in the swamps. It is followed by a long corridor with illustrations of daily life, including harvesting, fishing with nets, freight ships, sailing boats, metalworking and scenes of offerings and gardening. In the chapel of offerings, the western wall is occupied by Mehu’s beautifully preserved false door. A second smaller offering room is dedicated to Meryre-ankh, an official from whom Mehu usurped his tomb. 

Mehu served as Vizier during the reigns of Teti and Pepi I in the 6th Dynasty. He held other important titles as well, including Overseer of the Treasuries and Overseer of all Royal Works. One of his three wives was Iku, a “King’s daughter of His Body”.

The 3D presentation of the entire tomb was generated by NAV3D trough Matterport;

The Sketchfab models were created by David Anderson (University of Wisconsin) from photographs taken with Canon EOS Rebel T5i using Metashape 1.5.5.

3D Tour of the Tomb of Mehu (Matterport model created by NAV3D)

Entry Corridor, Tomb of Mehu (Sketchfab model created by David Anderson)

False Door Chapel, Tomb of Mehu (Sketchfab model created by David Anderson)

Offering Chapel, Tomb of Mehu (Sketchfab model created by David Anderson)

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