3D presentation of the Central Tower Interior of the Eastern High Gate at Medinet Habu

3D Models July 07. 2020

Created by the Epigraphic Survey

The Eastern High Gate is one of two fortified gates built during the reign of Ramses III in the great girdle wall that surrounds the Medinet Habu temple complex, located on the west bank of Luxor. It was first investigated and recorded in 1930/31 by Uvo Hölscher during the excavations of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, and published in 1970.

Although the exterior of the Eastern Fortified Gate is well preserved, inside only the stone core exists with its broad windows; the planking that divided the upper floors has long collapsed. While the outside of the high gated is decorated with military and religious scenes, the interior shows the pharaoh in a domestic setting. He is surrounded by young women, he is offered food, drink and flowers, and he plays at draughts. 

The 3D documentation of the gate was undertaken during season 2018/19 of the Epigraphic Survey under the direction of epigrapher Jen Kimpton and with the aid of photographer Owen Murray. The model was built using Agisoft Metashape Pro

Central Tower Interior, Eastern High Gate, Medinet Habu (Sketchfab model created by the Epigraphic Survey)

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3D Models

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